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Oh, YEAH, I forgot!!

I didn't tell you guys how my singing went!!

Awesome, of course. Did you expect any less?

So, got ready to sing for the baseball game. I had the day off, so I had plenty of time to primp and prettify. Straightened my hair, applied my makeup and got dressed and my roomie Anne Marie and I headed off to Disney's Wide World of Sports. Got there WAY early (I wanted to leave plenty of time for traffic) and just chilled for about an hour.

Met up with the coordinators and got instructions (follow us to the field, by the way, there's pyro, so don't freak out) and after a quick snack headed down to the field.

By the way, some of the Braves players are CUTE! When did that happen?

Anyway, waited for the grounds crew to finish prepping the field, met the Braves manager, Bobby Cox, who was very nice, and then it was time to sing!!

Couple thousand people, no big deal. (HA! RIGHT.)

I sang a little slower than I would have liked--I was nervous about the echo and I couldn't hear myself well enough to ignore it, but other than that, it went perfectly. I could hear myself and as far as I can tell I sounded pretty awesome. Everyone said I did a great job, they asked me to come back and audition again next year, and Anne Marie got some photos and even a video on my digital camera. I haven't even looked at it yet, but I hope it turned out well.

In other news, that same week, I went to my callback for Ariel in the Voyage of the Little Mermaid stage show at the Disney/MGM Studios. It also went really well; I sang for the auditor a couple of times, he said I did a great job, and I will HOPEFULLY hear something back from them in the next couple of weeks. It's an Equity job, which means more pay, but I'm hoping to just get asked to be an Equity sub; that way, I won't have to give up doing characters in the parks (contractual agreement thingies.)

Well, that's about it for now. I should really update more often, you know?
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