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Okay, I admit, I'm a dork.

I TOTALLY have a crush on this guy at work. And I'm COMPLETELY thrilled that he knows my name and says hi to me when he sees me.

So this guy was one of my trainers for Fantasmic!, which meant I saw him practically every days for two weeks straight. And he's REALLY cute. And has a REALLY nice body. And on top of it all, he's actually NICE.

This guy, I swear, does, like EVERYTHING. He's good friends with Aladdin, Tarzan, some of the Power Rangers, performs in Fantasmic!, is a Y.E.S. (Youth Education Services) coordinator, like freaking everything!

*sigh* So he's absolutely adorable, and I get this stupid grin on my face when I talk to him, but he probably wouldn't even consider dating me. I'm SO not his type. But he's still SO CUTE.

Oh, yeah, and there was this other guy at work who is also pretty cute (and incidentally, also friends with the Power Rangers) who was TOTALLY flirting with me yesterday--he showed me magic tricks. Yup. Magic tricks. And I was totally into it. Cuz I'm a big geek that way. He used to call me Tattoo Girl when we first met, because he didn't know my name--we met in Warm-Ups one morning and my shirt flipped up on one of the stretches. Anyway, I thought he had a girlfriend, but even if he does I don't mind because it was nice that he would come and spend his break talking to me.

Maybe I've just got a thing for boys in spandex....

....can you blame me?
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