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Name Change and Accout Update

As you may have noticed (and been confused by) I've changed my journal's name to eithne_star.
I felt that "flutterfae" was no longer defining who and what I am and what I am becoming, so I opted to go for something that means something to me: "eithne" is Old English for "little fire" and "star" is, obviously "star." Combining the two, you get "little fiery star" or "little shooting star." Being as that I've taken some big steps in my life in the past year, most notably moving to Florida and starting at Disney, I thought that since not only am I a bright and shining person (per all of you) but a performer as well, it aptly describes me. And who knows; maybe I'll change it again in the future.

As a second note, I also opted to purchase a permanent account; I mean, I've got over 450 icons saved, why not use some of them? Plus that way I'll be more motivated to post. I hope. The days do get a bit blurry from time to time. Anyway, I figured since I'm doing one, I ought to do the other. Hope I didn't confuse anyway too badly, and I love you all!!

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