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Magical Moment

Dale met the most wonderful little girl on Thursday. He was visiting at Toontown in the Magic Kingdom, and his attendant told him there was a special little girl who was waiting to see the characters. So Chip, Dale, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Snow White all went to see this little girl.

She was absolutely precious. She had been very badly burned on over 90% of her body, and was obviously still recovering. Still, she was laughing and smiling, and wearing her glitter-bow Minnie ears.

So all the characters took a picture with her. Dale even kissed her hand and gave her his arm like she was a princess. She hugged all of the characters individually and kissed their noses (some, like Dale--who couldn't get enough of her--more than once) and told everyone--separately!--that she loved them very much. Dale, of course, had already fallen in love. How could he not? She was beautiful. As he had to leave, he longingly waved good-bye for as long as he could see her, then heaved a great sigh, and dutifully (for a chipmunk) went back to work.

The only thing he regrets is not learning her name.

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