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So...rearranging of the Boy list. Boy #1 is still in Hong Kong, so he's moved down. Boy #2 is still sweet and fun, but has also moved down the list, as I'm not sure I'm interested in pursuing that romantically.

However...Boys #3 and 4 are now competing for the top spot. At the moment, Boy #3 is in the lead,, is he a good kisser. Oh, yeah, Carlye got a little action last night. It was NICE. And MUCH overdue. Boy #4 is trailing, but only for lack of comparison. Think he should definitely be allowed to rectify the discrepancy.

Oh, me, oh, my. After..what now? Over a year?...I'm finally starting to get back into the dating scene. And I've definitely got at least one guy whose interested in...well, something. We'll see. And oh what fun I plan to have in the seeing. Note to self though: don't let your hormones get in the way of your common sense.

But oh, how giddy am I!

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