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Pondering...and crossing fingers

Well, Boy #4 may not have gotten a chance to rectify the discrepancy with Boy #3, but he's moving up fast. Saw him at a going-away party the other night for a couple of friends, and spent a good portion of the time talking to him. As I mentioned, he reads my Facebook and on my status I had listed "Carlye is being silly over a maybe boy...maybe...". Well, in the midst of conversation, he asks me, "So who do you have a crush on?" Ulp. Naturally I refused to give him a straight answer (because you CAN'T just do that) and told him I had a list and I wasn't going to tell him because he knows the people on it. After much back and forth banter, eventually he says "Am I on the list?" To which I reply, "Why? Do you want to be?" Oh, yeah, one of the best comeback lines I've ever had.

Yesterday we did parade together at Magic Kingdom and he came up behind me as I was sitting on the floor putting my costume together and gave me a big hug--like cheek-to-cheek hug. And right before we had to get to our floats he did that mutual-kiss-on-the-cheek thing. And then when we were walking back to costuming to change he was behind me with a bunch of people and said something like "Look at that hottie up there!" And he was very disappointed that he could not hang out with John Smith and Meeko because he had to make sure Prince Philip made it to the parade.

*squee* Okay, I know I'm getting all mushy and squishy here, but am I reading too much into this? I mean, he may treat all his female friends like this, I don't know. But I'm thinking maybe he likeses me, just maybe a little bits.

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