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I believe in Faeries!

Today wasn't so bad. Well, getting up before the sun was bad, but at least I got some sleep. Spent all day at work trying to fill and rearrange the salads--tedious, but easy work--then showered and went to spend the afternoon with Corrinne. We went to Applebee's for dinner--I hadn't been in over a year--and then we went shopping at Zona Rosa, the new "Plaza" for the Northland. It was kind of weird; I hadn't been in that area since Mike left for California, and it brought back a lot of memories. But the best part?? There's a Hot Topic!!! I was a very good girl, and only bought a thing of Amy Brown's Fire Dance Incense. Even though they had Last Unicorn T-shirts that I really wanted. And Crow stuff. And Care Bears. But I digress. Corrinne and I talked about a lot of stuff--Faire, guys, relationships or lack thereof, or ones that should be but aren't, and had a really really good time. It was nice just to talk with her again. I hardly ever get to see her since we don't live together anymore. After we finished our window shopping (and making fun of teeny-boppers) we went back to her house and watched Peter Pan in Return to Neverland. It was cute and funny, I liked it. Drove home (the long way--I've got to learn to follow directions) and now I should head off to bed for another round of 6am festivities. Just keep thinking "They're paying me for this, they're paying me for this..."

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