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Hooray for wonderful days!

Isn't it nice when you can have a good--albeit unexpected and somewhat embarrassing--conversation, a non-stressful day at work, and absolutely fabulous bonding time with two wonderful roommates?

So Boy #4 called me today...and yes, now he knows that he is Boy #4, and yes, I will continue to refer to him as such because A) he seems to think it's funny; and B) I don't have anything else to call him yet. We had a very entertaining conversation--with lots of "Oh my God" moments on my part. And he even showed up to parade and took pictures! Of course he HAD to stand in the section of parade route where there was absolutely NO ONE around and the music was COMPLETELY boring and I had NOTHING to do but sit in my car and act like an idiot....but at least I do it well. *silly grin*

And for once, the guests were not completely insane during afternoon sets--even for Snow White's line, which is usually beyond stressful. And of course, she was adorable as always. 

Even show went well, though I heard a comment that I might be mad about later, but since I don't know the whole story, I decided not to care. Either way, I rocked out--and I didn't fall over on the monkey barge, which is always a plus.

After work, sat in the kitchen for FOUR hours with Anne Marie and Lane and we talked about everything and nothing. It was so nice to actually have a long conversation with all three of us together...and alcohol always helps. Oh, and I can't forget the little misadventure of having to stretch down behind the washer and dryer to rescue the softener bottle that had fallen. Yes, Anne Marie got pictures, because apparently I am the only one flexible enough to get her arm down there--or it's just that I have the smallest boobs. Who knows. Either way, it was a wonderful, wonderful day. Why can't I have more of those?

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