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"Where Dreams Really Do Come True!"

 First day doing the Castle Show today!! It's my new casting for the next six months; I get to hang out with Wendy four days a week! (Ten hour a day casting, that's why.)

Uh, today freaking ROCKED. And okay, so I kinda freaked for the first three or four shows; I mean, it HAD been four months since I'd gotten trained, so I was a little nervous....Okay, a LOT nervous. But I got to work with Stephen, who is my favoritest friend of Peter's EVAR and that was fantabulous.

Plus I knew all three of the princes today (including Boy #4), and they were know, after they finished making fun of me.

And all the princesses were so sweet too....actually, everybody was just incredibly supportive and exciting to work with. I am going to have a BLAST for the next six months. Not to mention I'm going to be making a hell of a lot more money than I have been!

All in all, it was an absolutely incredible day. I had so much fun the whole time--even when I was freaking out. And you know, I didn't even mess up that badly..except for running into the dancer during the second show....but hey, there's a learning curve right?

And now I is exhausted and I am going to bed so I can hopefully be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow....or so I can at least fake it with a lot of coffee!

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