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Castle Show Day #2

Since this is something I don't say very often, you know I mean it:


I have the best casting on property, hands down, no joke. I'm making more money than I have been since I started, I get to wear an awesome costume, my cast members are the most fabulous people around, and I'm having almost more fun than I can handle. I was almost disappointed to go on vacation this week.

Day #2 was much smoother than Day least, for the ONE actual show that we did start to finish. Gotta love Florida weather--bright and sunny one minute, pouring and dark the next. And sometimes, it's bright, sunny, AND pouring. Had a couple of halfway-completed shows, which just irks me; if we're going to start a show, then it throws me off balance to quit before it's over. But electrocuted VIPs is extra-bad, so I think I'll live. At least we got through parade, though the wind was enough to throw me off balance a couple of times.

Still get to work with super peoples, especially some of the people I trained with. Of course, I really don't think there is a BAD combination of people; I'M going to have a blast no matter what, simply because I love what I'm doing. Oh, the next six months are going to fly by....

And speaking of flying....I am a complete and absolute fool....and I really don't mind it one little bit. Had a marvelously entertaining, educating, exciting conversation with Boy #4--for about an hour and a half. It was, quite simply, perfect. We talked about everything...and nothing. I didn't stutter. I didn't freak out. I didn't get nervous. It wasn't awkward. It was...easy. And for me, easy conversations--especially with people whom I would like to impress--NEVER happen. I ALWAYS get flustered, and say something stupid, and just basically end up with my foot in my mouth, kicking myself--no pun intended. But with was so simple. I was And I know that, eventually, he's probably going to read this, and I don't care. I REALLY like him. And I like him just for who he IS. He's smart, he's funny, he's passionate, he's genuine, he's honest--and he deserves someone who tells him so. Because if they don't, then he is too good for them. I hope he knows that. Really, though, I'm just glad to be his friend. He made me feel comfortable when I was in a new place, and he didn't make me feel stupid even though I knew I'd made mistakes. That, my dears, is the mark of a true friend. 

Oh, and Boy #4? I owe you a backrub. *wink*


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