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Sunday, Blah Sunday

Ho-hum. Work again today. WAY too freaking early in the morning. My alarm went off and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what that noise was. Kind of just stumbled around in a sort of half-daze most of my shift, managing somehow to be extremely productive. Bought my sister's birthday presents--a t-shirt, some recordable CDs, and a monogrammed wallet, since she hates carrying a purse. She liked them a lot. After dinner with the family, read the book I'm working on, The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. You guys would love it--goddess cults, riddles, and the Knights Templar. Fantastic, and I'm only halfway through. Watched a taped show with my mom about wedding cakes; some of those creations were truly amazing works of art. I was impressed. Now I really must force myself to do homework, because the semester is almost over and it's due today. And I don't have to work tomorrow! Side note, it's Stephen's birthday; I'll send him an e-card or something, but I probably won't hear from him at all. *Sigh* I give up. I knew it wasn't meant to last, but I think I may be finally coming to terms with it. We'll see. But I still don't have to work tomorrow!

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