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Okay, okay, I'll tell you!

I know it's been a while since my date actually happened, but you didn't think I'd forget to tell you, now, did you?

It was spectacular. Nearly perfect, except for one little thing, which I'll go into later.

So. Went to bed super late, since my flight was delayed by about an hour and a half and I had a GERZILLION things to do before I went to bed. Got up early so I would have plenty of time to get ready; even had time to run an errand. Texted Boy #4 as I was on my way. Apparently that was not enough to wake him up, seeing as when I called him to get his exactly address (we were driving together) he was most definitely not awake. But he talked me around his complex and I found it fairly easily (smart girl!) Of course, when I did find him, he was wearing nothing but a pair of sweat shorts...*flutter* (Mean! Mean mean mean!) He gave me a brief tour of his apartment, and he has a snake! (So lucky I'm not a real girl!) She's a ball python named Echo--

breaca you would love her! So I played with the snake and chilled on the couch while he got ready. 

Not too long after--but long enough to be positively shocked by "Parental Control," we head to Epcot. I'm pretty much following Boy #4's lead, seeing as I've never done this before. So we snag a map and get started in Mexico. 

Well, actually, our first stop was Chile. First thing was shrimp con pebre salsa. OH my gods it was amazing. Paired with a decent cabernet savinogn. Very nice. And since he paid for that round, I got the next, and so on and so forth.

I don't remember EVERYWHERE we stopped, at least not with a map in front of me, but there were some definite highlights:



  • Boy #4's first experience with meade honey wine in Ireland; the expression on his face was priceless. And it was really good meade; still had a very strong honey flavor to it, and a decent kick at the end. I REALLY need to get ahold of some of Aziz's and John's homemade stuff; I'd love to see his face after he tries that.
  • Authentic pistachio baklava in Turkey (Are they normally made with pistachios?) Pretty good; not the best, but not the worst.
  • Green tea plum wine cooler in Japan. Like drinking a sweet light punch; one of those dangerous drinks because you forget it's alcohol. And a sweet plum wine, which packed quite a punch. We also watched a woman make taffy animals; it was fasinating how she would just use her fingers and a little pair of scissors and in less than 3 minutes make a unicorn, or a swan, or a dragon. I, of course, turned into the little kid that I am and stared open-mouthed the whole time. I know, I'm a dork.
  • Chicken rolls in India (or was it Morocco?) Same place. Considering I don't really like that cuisine, it was not bad. Except for the whole powdered sugar everywhere--like you do.
  • I got some sweet tea, Boy #4 tried the buffalo in Oklahoma, which was amazing, according to him, and we caught part of a traditional Native American dance; don't ask me which one it was, all I know was that it wasn't the hoop dance.
  • Tried a fan-freaking-tastic red sparkling dessert wine in Italy that I think was called Rosso Royale. They serve it with a piece of dark chocolate; oh ye gods it was HEAVEN. MUST go and buy a bottle of that for home. And there was some wonderful Venetian festival masks that wear gorgeous; I should go back and see how much they cost...
  • France we tried escargot ( berkie and bleuberi21 you would be so proud of me!); they were...okay. The breading was good, at least, I'm just not that big a fan of snails. Had some more wine, the name of which I can't remember, but was very good.
  • Cheddar cheese soup in Canada was superb. I recommend it for any who visit. I think there was something else in the soup too, but I don't know what it was.
  • Last stop was the Dominican Republic with frozen rum daquiris. We got mango and banana mixed, and would have had passion fruit too, except the machine wasn't working. Either was, it was dee-lish.
  • Highlight of the day: we have documentation of our first kiss. I kid you not. We were just leaving America, I think, when one of the PhotoPass guys saw us. Us, clearly being together, so he runs over and says, "How'd you like to come and take a picture with your princess?" To which both of us laugh, and I say, "Well, actually, I'm too short to be a princess, but sure! Why not?" And the Photo Pass guy replies, "No, come on and take a picture with your princess." So Boy #4chimes in and says, "No, really, she's to short for a princess, but I'll come and take a picture with an Alice." So both of us, being made of cheese and the good sports that we are, go and stand in the spot for the picture. The guy says, "Okay, now show me your grilles!" (Insert cute smiles here.) "Go on put your arms around her. (Giggles and compliance.) "Alright, now look at each other!" (Looks of Really?, shrugs and complete squishy.) "Okay, now give her a kiss!" (Huh-what?!?! For real?! Looks at each other, looks at the guy, looks back and each other, mental why-the-hell-nots, and MAGIC!) (Wow, I've worked at Disney too long.) Yup. Documentation. Boy #4 snagged the card, and says that the pictures are adorable, though I have YET to see them! (Yes, boy_4 I'm talking to you!)

After our trip around the world, after which I was only slightly tipsy thank you very much, we wandered back over to Norway, sat and chatted for a while, then headed out.--

--to go swimming. Yup. Swimming. Hell, why not? It was hot outside and it sounded like fun. So, after an aborted run to my place (I'd left my keys in my car and neither of my roommates was home) we went back to his apartment and I borrowed a pair of his shorts and just wore my tank top. Let me tell you--swim trunks, when not used to them, are a mite awkward. More conversation, and...not conversation...ensued. After which we went back upstairs and dried off, threw clothes in the dryer and played on the computer.

All in all, it was a marvelous day....except for the one tiny little thing I mentioned. 
I lost my cell phone. Somewhere in Norway, in the ten minutes we had walked away and came back, it had disappeared. I have no idea where it went; it could have fallen in the toilet for all I know (though you'd think I would have noticed THAT.) So, I had NO cell phone for three days, which drove me CRAZY, until I remembered that I still had my old phone in my apartment (thank the powers that be!) So I've reactivated my old phone for now, and my wonderful mommy found me a new one--not the same as my old, but still brand new--for not so expensive, and I am waiting for it to get here.

Whew! That was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. But I think it's going to be one of those happy thoughts I'll hold onto for a while. And that whole FREAK OUT that I had beforehand? Totally unnecessary. Granted, there were awkward moments, but that's because I'm a klutz and a bit of a ditz. I know this, so I don't worry about it. But it was so much FUN! If it didn't cost so much, I'd say let's do it again. But since it does, I guess we'll have to think of something else. *hint hint*  Honestly, though, it was the company that made the whole thing more than just a wander around Epcot; hell, I can do that by myself, and have before. But this; this was quality time, with someone who was interesting, and fun, and silly, and likes me just for being me. He makes me laugh. And he make me feel beautiful, even when I'm not. Is that stupid? I feel like I'm being such a girl about this, but I just want to spend time with him, talk to him, listen to his ideas, his thoughts, his beliefs. I want to learn about him. And, even more surprisingly, I want him to learn about me. Which, if you know me, is a BIG deal. Maybe we just need to get together with a bottle of something and just talk the night away. 'Course I don't know exactly how I'll manage that, but it would still be fun.

Alright, Carlye, enough squishy. Let the nice people go back to their lives.



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