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Two things--

Number One: My new phone is finally here and activated!! Okay, so it's not quite as nifty as my old one, but it makes and receives calls, has an alarm, and can text in T9 with word prompt. That's all I really need. So, yeah for phone worky-ness!

Number Two:  There are not enough people in Florida to cuddle with. It's strange how one can grow up in a community where casual touch is the norm, then transport to a place where the most physical interaction you have is with strangers. (Ew, that sounds kinda creepy, but you know what I mean.) Maybe it's that most people don't quite understand that you can--and should--touch others without sex being the motivation behind it. I'm a very touchy-feely sort of person; I LIKE to be in physical contact with someone while I'm having a conversation with them. But if I do that at work, sooner or later someone is going to wonder just how many people I'm sleeping with. (Unfortunately, none, thank you very much.)

And that's ANOTHER thing! (Sorry, I know I said two, but now I'm up on my soapbox.) WHY is it that whenever a woman is willing to talk about sex and readily admits to enjoying it, that automatically makes her some kind of slut? I ENJOY sex. I'll talk about it all you want, and if you've got a question, I'm going to tell it to you straight. But NO, that does not mean I've slept with enough people to fill a baseball stadium, and NO I'm not just going to jump into bed with you because I mention that I enjoy oral sex. (Example, people, unbunch your panties.) It's not a game, even though some people seem to not only be making up the rules as they go, but trying for the highest score. (Huh, that's punny. Ugh.) Yes, I've slept with people, and yes, I've cared deeply about every single one of them. So, just because I'm honest and upfront, don't think I'm going to fuck you, because then you can just go fuck YOURSELF.


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