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Can't think straight. Finished The Da Vinci Code last night. Oh, my Goddess, you guys would eat it up like Pixie Stix. Fantastic. Absolutely a work of art. I loved it, can you tell. Anyways, went to bed around 3am, Mike called at 9am to see if I wanted to do something. Of course I said yes, so I went over to the house. Well...Mike and I talked about some pretty interesting things. First and foremost of which...exactly how long his relationship with Mandy ISN'T going to last. *vicious gleeful dance* Sorry...but come on, she does her nails! I like her and all, but she is definitely not Mike's type. Well, let me tell you, that opened the door for all sorts of interesting possibilities. Shoulda, woulda, coulda and maybe among them. Guess we'll just wait and see. *crosses fingers, toes, eyes, legs and arms* Nope, not desperate, not at all....

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