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Pay no attention to the hysterically giggling girl over there....

I am so very very amused at life right now. I remembered why I hate dating. And why I won't be anytime soon. I remember my epiphany, and why I should never have forgotten it. (I'll probably be reposting it shortly.) I realized--again--why I love my job. Remembered why gay boys are SO freaking FUNNY. Made lots of new friends. Got to know some old ones better. Listened, learned, and by gods laughed my ass off. I should go to parties more often. 'Course, they're lots more fun when I actually KNOW most of the people there, but hey, gotta branch out sometime.

Thanksgiving Potlucks are the BOMB. I declared yesterday National Fat Kid Day because there was so much food and I wanted to eat ALL OF IT. I was not alone in my fat kid-ness either. It was great. And alcohol helps too, even though I didn't even feel it most of the night. But lots and lots of fun, and some VERY interesting conversations, which were also lots and lots of fun. AND, there's another party on Monday! I can't wait!

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