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New Year's Resolution

Don't hate, cuz I only thought of it a couple days ago. But I was thinking how I've hardly used this journal in the past couple years and what a waste that was, so...brilliant idea! I'm going to make a point to write in my journal every day--even if it's just a couple of lines about where I was working and how tired I am. (You know it's gonna happen.) So...

Pixie Spare today. Didn't really want to do anything, but still had to wear the blue nightgown. Still better than being sparkly, even if Nick did sort of annoy me when he stepped on my jokes. (Get your own schtick, dummy!) Whatever. Came home and had to repaint my toes since my socks made lovely impressions in the polish. So, now instead of black toes, they are red! I wonder if boys notice the color of nail polish...anyway. Tim is in Titusville with his mom, still recovering from the marathon on Sunday. I don't blame him, but I do miss him; we haven't really had a chance to hang out for a couple weeks, and it sucks. Hopefully some time after my doc appointment on Thursday (hope nothing is seriously messed up!) Should make time to see Luke too, maybe dinner or a movie? I hope he doesn't think I'm leading him on; I still like him, but I made my choice. Anyway, I should go to bed, another 12-hour Spare shift in the morning. Bleh. Oh, and make new userpics for this, needs updating.

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