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Forgot again

This whole journal entry per day thing is harder than I thought it would be. Yesterday was nothing special. At the Castle again, with Matt. First show got downed because of rain. Second show, one of our casting directors came and watched--that is to say, judged. Everyone always freaks out about it, but here's what I figure: she's a human being just like the rest of us, so there's no reason to be absolutely petrified of her. And besides, she's getting the same show everybody else does, and that's 150% every time. So if she's not going to like it, she's not going to like it. End of story. See, my performance is the same level, every time. Unlike some other performers, who half-ass it 5 days a week and only ACTUALLY do their job when they know someone is watching. Unprofessional. And irritating, to say the least.
Nothing much else. Came home, tried to eat, didn't work, so I had alcohol instead. =) Passed out early, watching Inuyasha. Still woke up several times. *sigh*

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