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Could be...?

In Pixie Hollow today. Met some absolutely ADORABLE kids today. One little girl had met Tinkerbell the previous day at the Neverland club and sure did try to take me home with her today. Luckily, she met my twinsy, Katie, who was hanging with Tink yesterday, so it worked out well. (Katie and I look so much alike EVERYONE gets us mixed up. It's hilarious.) Three little boys talked AT me for a good 2 minutes today; had NO idea what they were saying, but they were great. All in all a pretty good day, except for the fact that my stomach is still upset. I don't know what's wrong with it; the past couple days I've just felt nauseated all day, and it's a struggle to get any food down. Not good, I know, I really don't need to lose any more weight. I have a suspicion to what might be causing it, (no, I'm not pregnant) but there's no real connection. Hung out with Tim after work, finished watching District 9. Gotta say, I liked it (the alien weapons were AWESOME!) but it's a very sad movie. And it reminded me a lot of Starship Troopers, though much more well done. Anyway, he had to go meet up with his sister, so I came home, talked to the roomies for a while, and probably going to head to bed soon. Tummy hates me and I have a long day tomorrow.

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