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Loooonnnggggg day today. Was the Pixie Spare, and got pulled for the first set--Cara called late. So started out the day sparkly. Not too bad, good group of fairies and the guests were pretty fun too. Got sent to lunch, then waited around for an hour or so before they decided to send me to play with Wendy for a couple sets. Oh, yeah, and by the way? You're going to hang with the old, fat man with allergies for the Spectromagic Parade, okay? ...yay.
But in the midst of all this tedious changing clothes four times, altering my makeup twice and wearing three entirely different costumes, there was a brilliant ray of light. Her name was Kathleen.
Kathleen is a little 3-year old girl. She has curly blonde hair, enormous, long-lashed blue-green eyes, and adorable chubby cheeks. Today she was wearing a pink shirt, with her name and a picture of Peter Pan on the front.
Now you see, Wendy had decided to play with the princesses up at the Castle until the parade at 3:00. After that, she thought it would be fun to visit guests with Peter. While Wendy had been away, Kathleen had been coming to see Peter each time he returned from the Castle. She told him stories--almost as well as Wendy!--and talked to him and kept him company. Now, when Wendy met up with Peter for the parade, he told her ALL about Kathleen. Peter liked Kathleen so much that he decided to bring her a certificate to make her an Honorary Lost Girl.
So Peter and Wendy came out to their favorite place to meet friends, and guess who was waiting for them? That's right, Kathleen! Wendy came up behind her and said, "Kathleen, Peter has told me so much about you! He said that you've been keeping him company while I was visiting with the princesses today! And that you told him such lovely stories!" Well, as you can imagine, Kathleen was very excited that Wendy had arrived. In fact, when both Peter and Wendy knelt down for a hug, Kathleen ran to Wendy first!! (Wendy was thrilled, by the way.) They spoke with Kathleen for a few minutes and took more pictures, then they asked Kathleen's grownup to bring her back towards the end of their set for a surprise.
Peter and Wendy met with several other friends (mostly from Brazil) for a little while, and then Kathleen came back! After talking to her for a few minutes more--and being reassured that Kathleen was on a mission to go see TinkerBell next and bring her a message--Peter and Wendy gave Kathleen her Honorary Lost Girl certificate. She was so excited she bounced up and down! Her grownup was very excited too, and said that they would put it in a picture frame to hang on the wall. Well, about this time, Wendy started to get nervous that they were going to miss Mickey's party at the Castle, but their grownup reassured them that they had a few more minutes. Peter thought that he and Wendy and Kathleen ought to go and wake up TinkerBell, just in case she had fallen asleep after the parade. So off they traipsed to TinkerBell's Treasures, the place where Tink likes to nap. There's a special bell there that they use to wake up Tink in the morning. One of the Fairy Godmothers-in-Training gave Kathleen the bell, and Peter and Wendy told her to ring it as loudly as she could. Nothing happened for a few moments...then Tink's tree lit up!! Tink flew around the ceiling and over to the window to wave hello and blow a kiss before flying back to Pixie Hollow! Needless to say, Kathleen was in awe!!
One of the Fairy Godmothers-in-Training had her magic wand with her. Peter told Kathleen to close her eyes, so tight! "Make a wish, and remember, Dreams ALWAYS come TRUE!!" Kathleen squinched her eyes shut as tightly as she could; you could almost hear her making her wish. The Fairy Godmother-in-Training sprinkled Kathleen with her fairy dust. "Open your eyes, Kathleen!" Wendy said. "Look at all the Pixie Dust!" Kathleen looked down at her arms and hands, gasped, and said, "Oh! This is SO magical!!"
After many more hugs and pictures--and a kiss on the cheek from Wendy AND Peter, Kathleen said farewell, and was off to Pixie Hollow.

THIS is why I come to work.

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