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Not a lot of interestingness today. In Pixie Hollow again. Got to fly with Cara for the first time; she's the only one of us who's friends with more than one pixie. (Which, by the way, they said they would never do. Annoyed at the situation. Like the girl.) She, John, and I were CRAAAAAZZZZZZYYYYYY!!! Must be something in the soda machines down here, cuz we were bouncing off the trees all day. Unusually high number of small children and large groups today; not sure why, but they were all so cute! Made the day go by faster, which is good, because for some reason they changed our set schedule. Today was an 8pm park close, which usually means two 75 minute sets, and two 80 minutes sets. Instead we had five shorter sets--nice for my group, but crappy for the other fairies. Times were not exactly fair. Going to talk to the managers next time and ask why they changed it. (And why they weren't using the schedules I made in the first place.) Whatev. Heading to bed; have to get up at 4:30am for Grand Floridian Breafast in Wonderland!! First time I've been there since August; hope I remember what Wonderland looks like!

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