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Sometimes, you just need a day

Day off today. And what sort of productive things did I do. NOTHING. Forced myself to lay abed till 11:15, since I went to bed at around 2:30 last night. Got up, showered, puttered around a bit, then headed to Tim's for lunch. We were going to go somewhere, but drinking with his sister last night gave him a wicked hangover, so we ordered pizza and watched Final Fantasy. Gotta say, the film was brilliantly done, but apparently I was not paying enough attention at a key point, because I had to keep asking Tim what was going on. Oh, well. He left for work a little while later, so I came home and wasted more time. Think I need a new computer; I was downloading a few songs, and it randomly decided to shut off again. Then, when I turned it back on, found out that all the songs in my iTunes library were no longer there. I still have the downloaded files, they just weren't in the program, and all the imported CDs had disappeared. Idiot. This happened about a month ago too. Think I should bring it in an have it looked at, or just save up and get a new one. Went to dinner with Luke at a Mexican Buffet..interesting, I know. We had fun, just talking about random stuff, but I opted out of watching a movie at his place. I'm tired, and I figure staying out of a potentially sticky situation would be a good idea. I could tell he was disappointed though. Got my new Netflix DVDs today! Was going to start one but I think I might just go to bed instead. And the best part is? I didn't have to pay for anything today. *evil grin* Gotta love those lazy days...

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