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What a lovely celebration! I'm very glad I wore my party dress...

Up at the ungodly hour of 4:30am. NO ONE should have to function at such an evil time. Went in for my first Teacups/Parade shift since November 2008. Got to ride the Welcome train with my friend Megan and her friend Belle to open the park. Poor little Rabbit; his friend was new, and I had to help her find some new shoes that fit. She was sweet though.
Sets at the Teacups. Best part about Teacups is that I actually get to RIDE them at the beginning of each set! And I get to choose the family too! Tons of fun; lots of cute kids, and I haven't gotten to really play in Wonderland for over a year, so actually BEING in character was a novel experience. (I don't really count breakfast; yes, it's fun, but I'm talking AT the children, not TO them.) My last set I rode the Teacups with a little boy named Jonah. His family is from England, and they've been visiting the parks recently for long stretches of time. Jonah's favorite character is Peter Pan, and he ALWAYS wears his Peter costume, complete with dagger and hat. Wendy and I have met him on a couple occasions, and he's encountered Alice a few times too. His mother plays the "friends" game very well, and she figured out that I was a friend of Tink's too. Smart lady. He got pretty dizzy on the Teacups, but we took a couple of pictures before he left.
Off to the parade! I've only hung out with Alice once before for the parade, so I was a little nervous about it; I had to remember when I was supposed to be talking! But I had a fantastic group and we took Face pictures to commemorate the prettiness. Haha, we're such dorks. Parade went well; I just need to find my groove, and where I can add my characterizations. It will come with practice, but for right now, Wendy's a little easier to get along with.
After parade had to RUN to Cosmetology to change. See, Snow White's friend Colleen called in at the Castle, so there was some rearranging of friendships today. However, Wendy's friend couldn't stay all day, so they pulled me to come hang at the Castle with her. That means I got to change my clothes, hair and makeup in less than 30 minutes. Can I just say that I am AWESOME!!! Totally did it and was upstairs right on time. Go me. *grin* Did 1 7/8 of a show; last bit of the finale got canceled, but it was a great time. Tim was working there today, so I walked out with him. He was supposed to hang with a friend of his, and I was so exhausted that I just came home to watch some anime before bed. Let me just say, 6:30am-6:15pm with no naps is a VERY long day...time for some Inuyasha and bed!

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