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How do you expect to have any adventures with NO breakfast!?!

GUH. Completely wasted with exhaustion today. Went to bed at 10:30 last night, woke up several times, and was so disoriented when my alarm went off this morning I couldn't figure out where I was for a minute. Serious struggle to get up in the morning, and I was running later than I wanted to. Good thing I came in though; Alice's friend that was supposed to go to breakfast at the Grand Floridian Resort didn't come in, so I went to eat with her instead. Cool, but I really wanted to stay at the Teacups today...rain sets? Hell yeah! Anyway... Breakfast was fun; not too busy, so I took my time with the cute kids that were there. Bad thing about the restaurant though, the acoustics are so bad I always end up feeling like I'm screaming. Part of the reason why I talk AT the guests--I can't hear them. Ended the morning talking to this little boy Arden who was MOST insistent that Tigger was a Tiger. Alice had to keep telling him, no, Tigger is a TIGGER, and he's the only one--after all, Tigger is spelled T-I-double GUH-ER, whereas Tiger is spelled T-I-G-E-R. COMPLETELY different. Oh, and his grownup kept talking about someone named Rocky, making NO sense whatsoever, even for Wonderland. Crazy people.
I usually take a nap before the Tea Party, but since I was going straight from there to the parade I opted to come back to the tunnels and get some lunch. Ate with Tim, Adam, Erin and Zach--lots of fun times, although I think all of us need hearing aides. "Sets, or sex? What?" Haha, good times.
Came back for the Tea Party; only four girls, and two of them had the most adorable little Southern accents. Wish I could duplicate them through type, but it just wouldn't be the same. Left a little early so Alice would have plenty of time to get to parade.
Parade was awesome! Saw a little boy watching that I had seen earlier that morning (why, yes, there really IS only one!) and got to work with Lexie, Grant, and Timm Webb. Timm was Hatter's friend for Halloween, and we were EXTREMELY disappointed when we didn't get to do the last parade together. Always so much fun working with him.
Wish that was the end of my day, but it wasn't...........hooray for old fat men with allergies in SpectroMagic!!! Oy. But it's all good; got to talk to Ashley a little more about her engagement and relationships; I really like her, and I'm glad we're getting to be better friends. Besides, the Mighty Morphin' Dwarfen are ALWAYS fun to hang out with; useful that I really DID have horrible allergies today!!
Well. 14 hours later, I'm finally done with my day...and once again no naps. It's okay though; I was really bad before parade, but afterward I was okay. Still exhausted, but okay. Now I think it's time to wash my face and watch some anime..or just go to bed. At the UK tomorrow in EPCOT; haven't been there in probably a year and a half. Hooray for blondie sets!

Oh, yeah, PS. Talked to Sean the manager today; I'm so incredibly frustrated about this whole Block Party thing. So I'm going to write Casting a very carefully worded email, in which I thank them for all that they have already given me the opportunity to do....and then (politely) verbally bitch-slap them for not putting me in rehearsals. ....okay, maybe not exactly like that. But I WILL remind them that they have a perfectly willing, able and ready mover-quality cast member who wants to learn this--and everything else they'll give me. I'll work on it. Kay, night!

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