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Maybe there really IS only one...

At EPCOT today in the UK. Haven't been there in probably a year and a half, since they changed the shift from 10.5 hours to 6.5. MUCH nicer. Still a long day, since it's 45 minutes on, 15 off, but it goes by pretty quick. At least as long as you bring snacks.
Two interesting parts about work: Tammy showed up to my first set. She's one of the Casting Directors. Now, I've mentioned before, I do my best every day, so she gets the same show as everybody else. However, doing Castle Show, which I do on a frequent basis and is a regimented performance, is MUCH different than doing sets as a character that I do not normally do sets with. So, little bit of freaking out was done. She did not, however, come backstage to discuss my performance, and apparently was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by, so to speak. Freakout done.
The other interesting part was a little 2-year-old boy named Anthony. As I said yesterday, I got pulled to breakfast at the Grand Floridian and did sets in the restaurant with Alice. Now, Anthony thought he was going to practice his disappearing trick like the Cheshire Cat when Alice got to his table. (It didn't go so well, Alice could still see him.) Needless to say, he was being a bit of a shy violet, even though they don't come in boys. Alice managed to get a picture with him and that was that.
As I've also said, I just don't go to EPCOT. Not because I don't like it, just because I'm never there. Well, Alice happened to be on set today, and lo and behold, who walks by riding on his daddy's shoulders?? Anthony!! So Alice called out to him and told him he'd better stop and say hello. You should've seen how big his dad's eyes got! You could literally here him thinking, "Oh, my gosh, there really IS only one!!" Well, Anthony came and said hello to Alice, and he was much more social this time around; even came and sat on her lap for a picture. Well, how do you not give a kiss to an adorable little boy who blows you kisses and stops to take another picture? (It should be noted that I do NOT give kisses, as a rule. I can count on less than two hands the total amount of kisses I have ever given out. I lost a finger that day.) How amazing is it to see the SAME performer, with the SAME character, in TWO different parks on TWO different days. Enjoy the magic. *grin*
Got to have dinner with my aunt and uncle too. Apparently they're in town for a golf convention and happened to have the night free, as did I. Had tentative plans with Tim but he went to Titusville with his family instead, so it all worked out well. Spent the rest of the night watching Inuyasha.

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