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Breakfast Club Reunion!

Day off at last! It's depressing that I haven't had two days off in a week since August. Suck. Anyway, spent a chunk of the day straightening my room; you know, reorganizing the giant pile of papers on my desk, picking up jeans and shoes, that sort of thing. Should probably vacuum and take out the trash tomorrow. Went over to Tim's place later and watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Ummm, can you say confusing? We watched the little prologue thing that was supposed to explain it all, and it just made me more confused. The actual beginning of the movie was less complicated than that, but I still had to ask Tim every 10 minutes to make sure I knew what was going on. Oh, and he insists that the first game in the US was Final Fantasy IV. I say he's wrong; it was Final Fantasy II, on the SNES, because I used to be OBSESSED with that game. Now I want to play it again! Will have to find it on eBay or something. Afterward, we went to Perkins to meet up with Jill, Earl, Steve (Jill's fiance) and Greggy for a little Breakfast Club reunion! See, Jill, Greggy, Earl, Tim and myself all opened the Christmas parade together in 2007. We all got to be really good friends, and every morning during the two weeks of daily ops we would meet in the cafeteria before our bus run--hence, the Breakfast Club. Well, I didn't do the parade last year, and Jill didn't do it this year, and Greggy has been on tour with Disney Live, so this was the first time we've all gotten together in a really long while. It was great fun; dirty jokes, Tim and Earl trying to kill each other (which is why they're not allowed to sit next to one another anymore), just good times hanging out with good people. I love my friends.
Wanted to spend the rest of the night with Tim, but he said his friend Stev had been bugging him to come drinking instead. Which I don't understand--why would you rather go drinking with your straight guy friend instead of going home with a hot girl?? NOT excited about that. I mean, I don't get to see him for more than a few hours at a time, and our days off aren't the same, so when you have the opportunity to spend the night together and not have to wake up super early the next morning, WHY wouldn't you take it?? Grrr...stupid boy. He promises we'll hang out soon and spend the night...SOON should have meant NOW, if you ask me. *sigh* Whatever. He better drunk text me.
Think I'll finish up my anime and then go to bed. More errands in the morning.

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