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At the Castle today. John was surprisingly awake for only two hours of sleep...actually, surprisingly awake in general. Didn't really talk much today, not because I was in a bad mood, but because I was playing brain games. See, there was a communal crosswords puzzle book in the greenroom, and I felt bad that I finished the last puzzle. So I went out yesterday and got a brand new crosswords book and a book of brain games--you know, like cryptograms and Sudoku. Well, I decided to break into the brain games book...and I don't think I'm going to give it back. Kept me occupied the whole day; one math puzzle took me 30 minutes to figure out, but I did it and all by myself! Will probably play more tomorrow. Oh, and I talked to one of the managers at work about Casting. I showed her the email I wanted to send and we went over it. She recommended that I wait until she cold email Casting (which she did promptly) and see if they had a Performance Plan for me, and if so what was on it. I've pretty much given up on this rehearsal process, which sucks because there were a lot of people I would really liked to have worked with, but I'm hoping that with a little gentle nudging it'll happen in the relatively near future.
Tim called in sick today, and then went back to Titusville tonight for his family, something about a bad day of the year. He'll tell me tomorrow. He better bring back my Christmas present too! It's been over a month! He bought me raspberry vodka for part of it...and then he drank it. Silly boy. He said he'll get me another bottle. Still don't know what the rest of it is. (You know, I talk about Tim a lot; almost every day. Wonder if that's sad?)
Spent the rest of the night watching the Bones marathon on TNT; I love crime shows, they always make me feel smart when I figure out who it is before the end of the episode. And I love watching all the forensic-y stuff they do. Cool beans. Time for bed now; at the Castle again tomorrow, and will see Tim before day parade. Sleepy time!

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