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Guess even Disney has double standards

You know, it really pisses me off when people let their personal issues interfere with their job. I understand, sometimes life gets in the way, but this is ridiculous. Lemme 'splain.
At the Castle today. Didn't realize that Tim was supposed to be there too, or I would have called him when I left. (Tim has a bit of an issue waking up on time occasionally.) Everybody keeps asking where he is, so after warmups I call him to make sure he's awake. He's on his way in, makes it less than an hour after our in-time and tells the base that he can make the first show. However, our manager Amy decides she's having a pissy sort of day, and pulls Tim out of the entire shift. Yes, that's right, not just the first show, the ENTIRE SHIFT. Tells him to go do sets with Genie and then he's doing parade. So they pull Tim Hoffman out of the Street Party to do shows instead. Well, little Timmy Hoffman gets an upset tummy after the 2nd show, and goes home. Now, Tim had picked up the shift from a guy named Steve so Steve could go to an audition that morning. So when Steve calls later that day to see if he can pick up day parade, what do they do?? Pull Steve to shows!!! So now they have to pay TWO people face/show premiums for most of the day plus the actuals for Hoffman, instead of just leaving Tim in his shift in the first place!!! And the reason they gave for pulling him out?? "Oh, we don't want to have to dirty two costumes." WELL, I guess dirtying two costumes is okay for DONALD'S friends (since he had two) but not for Princely types. Grrrr..... I was SO MAD at the whole situation--not for myself, but for the fact that the whole excuse was pretty shady. Tim was a little pissed off at the beginning too, but he actually made out in the end; he got downed for day parade, so he did one 30 minute set with Genie in the morning, then volunteered to go hang in the Grotto with Prince Eric. $3.25 premium for maybe 90 minutes work. Ha! Sukkaaaasss!!!
Wanted to hang with him after work, but he was going to talk to his sister for a bit. PROMISED he would call me and we'd hang out later...and we did. Went over to his house to watch a movie...and just sorta stayed.... Kept saying I should leave since I had to get up early, but I didn't really want to. I'll sacrifice a bit of sleep for him. It was totally worth it. *grin* Will totally regret it in the morning though, haha.

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