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Rain, rain, here to stay...

Super easy day at the Castle today. Usually, we do six shows, but today we did two 20 minute meet and greets instead. Why, you ask? Because we LOVE the rain!!! Four shows canceled and the two sets to substitute for the other ones. I'm so glad we don't actually have a weather dome. The only disappointment of the day was a little boy who really wanted to see Captain Hook. Peter and Wendy asked him why he liked Captain Hook and the little boy replied, "Because he has a mustache." (It should be noted said little boy was wearing a Hook costume and sporting a drawn-on mustache.) Hopefully, he saw Hook in parade.
Wanted to hang out with Tim tonight, but it's not looking like that's gonna happen. EXTREMELY disappointed by that; not because of anything he did, just because I REALLY wanted to see him, if you know what I mean. But hey, two days in a row hanging out is pretty good.
Watched the rest of my Inuyasha disks; mailing them back tomorrow and hopefully will get the next 3 soon. Oh, and guess what I bought on eBay!! Final Fantasy II for SNES!!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait till it gets here.
Boring day today I guess. Oh, well. Back in Pixie Hollow tomorrow. Blah. Think I might play my DS for a bit then go to bed.

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