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A little flying on the side...

Soooo...spent the night with Tim. Let's just say I was a VERY happy Carlye. *grin* The phone rang at 10:30, work calling asking me if I wanted to come in and do day parade. Since I needed the hours and I knew Tim was working that too, I said sure. I had just enough time to drive home and be right on time for my parade schedule. (Yes, I have a schedule for each shift; I like lots of prep time. I'm anal retentive, deal with it.) Got to work, smiling like the Cheshire Cat (even though I was playing in Neverland) and even Tim managed to make it on time--barely, haha. Weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, and I had a fantastic group--even got to do parade for the first time with Tommy Crawford! Was having a spectacular day, for no particular reason, just feeling like everything was right with the world. Hung out with Chesney and Tim in between CDCT and Spectro; we were all scheduled together. Spectro was a little hot; hanging with the bunny is a bit toastier than the blonde. Nothing special, although it was nice to actually be able to see for once. Would have liked Tim to come over, but he was so out of it he just wanted to go to bed; can't blame him, even I could tell he was exhausted. (His own fault, though. =) ) Came home, watched my newest Inuyasha discs and passed out myself.

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