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Why can't Florida have nice weather ALL the time!??!

Castle Show!! John went home sick after the first two shows, so they called in Steve. He still seems really nervous to me, which is weird, because he's been doing this long enough that he should have it down by now. And he RUSHES the whole time! Bleh. I just adjust. But we had a really fun group up there today, and we played a game called Loaded Questions. Hysterical.
Day went pretty fast, then I went to dinner at Applebee's with Carly. It was her turn to tell her story, but apparently her story is much shorter than mine. Either that or she's just blocked out most of it and was only giving me the bare bones. Whichever, it was still a good bonding experience. Talked a lot about work too, swapping stories, comparing partners, discussing rehearsals, and upcoming preferencing. Lots of fun.
Came home and my tummy was kinda upset; wonder if it was something I ate, but it's okay now. Gonna finish up here, then put away the rest of my laundry and go to bed. Wanted to start playing my Final Fantasy II game that got here yesterday, but it takes forever to get going, and I'm really tired for some reason. Think sleepy time is more important. Talking to Tim a little bit; he was off today and played video games. He's still playing, but I'm too sleepy. Nighty night.

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