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Why you have to go and be so complicated??

In Toontown today. Nothing really special going on, but it is a shorter day, so that means: hour 5 min set, 50 min set, hour 20 min set, and 30 min set. WHOO-HOO!!! (We like this sort of day a lot.) Tim was at Castle Show, and I was going to go eat lunch with him, but my schedule didn't work out so well, and I was exhausted, so I just decided to take a nap anyway. Near the end of my lunch, I get a text from Luke; apparently he's in the park with his roommate and wants to know if I'm working, and if I can get him backdoored. Well, OF COURSE I can!! So I go on to my 2:00 set, and Luke and his roommate Travis are about the 5th group in. It was a little awkward, because Bri was supposed to be in there too, but her braid exploded so she had to go get it fixed. Made it in time to see him though. He was fun; it's always kinda awkward when you go see people you know on set, because you feel weird, and then they feel weird, and it's just weird all over. But it was fun, and it really meant a lot that he would come to see me.
Then halfway through the set, my voice decided to start going in and out, like all raspy. Kinda weirded me out, but I got off set and drank some water. Went back out, and it's just getting worse. Even my PhotoPass guy noticed. Starting to worry me a bit, but it's the end of the day, so oh well.
Went down to Cosmo to get cleaned up, and ran into Luke again. He stuck around and we chatted for a little bit; it was nice, seeing as I haven't seen him much lately with rehearsals and all. Ran upstairs to watch Carly in show; we had just talked last night about how I'd never gotten to see her, so I thought today would be an opportune time. Of course, watching Tim in show didn't hurt either. Figured since I'd stuck around this long I might as well wait a few more minutes for him to clock out. Walked out with him to the car, him teasing me the whole time about my voice, saying how I sounded like Bri (who was also losing her voice.) Silly.
Came home to the SuperBowl!!! I was cheering for the Saints, and this is why: if the Saints win, they do a pre-parade tomorrow at the Magic Kingdom, and one of the shows gets down. Well, I'm at the Castle tomorrow and I wanted a show down!! And I got my wish!! I even actually watched most of the game too, including the interception that pretty much won the game. HOLLER!! I even changed my profile pic on Facebook to celebrate.
Speaking of Facebook, I got a message from Luke. Basically it said that he doesn't like not seeing me, and he wants to hang out, but if we DO hang out, he's going to hit on me, that's just the way it is. I reread it several times before I responded. The thing is, I know Luke is still attracted to me, and honestly, I'm still attracted to him too. But attraction is not love, and I'm in love with Tim, and as long as I'm with Tim (officially or unofficially) nothing is going to happen with Luke. So I basically said that: I'm fine with him flirting with me, because I'll probably flirt back, and it's okay. And I miss hanging out with him too. But I also said that if we ARE going to hang out, there is one rule: He doesn't talk about Tim, and neither do I; it just pisses off both of us. So far, so good.
Sorta kinda made tentative plans to see Tim later tonight, but I'm thinking I don't really feel like it. My throat is hurting a lot and I'm kinda tired. Going to play my new Final Fantasy II game for a little while then head off to dreamland. Castle Show tomorrow--and only 5 shows!!

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