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Bleh. At the Castle today. Walked into Cosmo and Bri said hi to me. I attempted to say hi back, and most of what came out was practically incoherent. Voice is totally shot. My throat is killing me, and I sound like a scratchy record. Carly heard me and put me on vocal restrictions; aka, she'll hit me if I talk. So I spent all today being a mute. Good thing I know how to animate well, otherwise this would have been a long dreary day.
Went to the caf inbetween the 5th and last shows, and ran into Tim and a bunch of our friends sitting at a table. Of course, I sat down with them and walked into a totally awkward conversation. Remember how I mentioned that I had talked to my friend Ashley a few weeks ago about Tim? Well, I love her, but girl is a busybody. Apparently she saw Tim and immediately started in on, "Why aren't you dating her? You guys should be together. She's wonderful, you should date her!" And so on and so forth. Now, I may not LIKE the fact that Tim and I aren't technically dating, but I UNDERSTAND why he feels the way he does. I'm trying very hard to be patient and forgiving and loving and her jumping down his throat was NOT helpful, to say the least. And of course, Rachel and Grant had to add their 2 cents too. I love my friends, but they can be real pushy! Tim and I went laughing about it, but we were both a little embarassed, and I could tell he was getting a little upset about it. Tim's a very private person; he doesn't like a lot of people knowing his business, especially when it has to do with his family. Ashley really pissed him off; he basically ignored her the rest of the night. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that she just got engaged, so she wants everyone to be as happy as she is, but you know, sometimes people aren't always in the same place. Rachel was teasing of course, and he knew that. Grant was teasing too, but he was a little more serious about it; he's our son, you know, and he just wants to keep the family together! *laughs* He talked to Tim a little later that night and just basically said that he loves both of us and he wants us to be together and happy because we're his family. Although he keeps talking about giving me a ring and I don't want Tim to think it's because I keep pushing for one! Eep! (I talked to Tim about it later, and he knows that's not what I least not right now.) He texted me a little later about it, and I asked him what he'd said in reply to Ashley's badgering. He said, "I didn't say's none of their business. You know I love you, so I don't care what they think..." It's things like this that are the reason I love him. *smile* I know, it's not perfect. It's not even ideal. But I love him, and he loves me, and I'm learning to just accept it for that, and remember that if things are meant to be, they will be. For now, one day at a time is enough.
Came home after work, and since I still wasn't feeling good, just hung out, watching some Inuyasha. Oh, yeah! I got my Final Fantasy game too! Think I'll go play that for an hour or so before bed; early morning tomorrow!!

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