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Silence may be golden, but I've always been a silver sort of girl myself.

*sigh* This whole no talking thing is really starting to SUCK. Day 4ish of having no voice and I hate it! I never realized how much I talk, or even just verbalize when I work. Yesterday made it worse and now my throat is not happy with me. This better get fixed soon or I'm going to lose my mind.
Day parade today with Grant. It's my last day working with him before he leaves to go home and then to Tokyo. I'm so excited for him, but at the same time I'm going to miss him so much when he leaves. Nothing really special; the weather was nice, if a tiny bit chilly, and Grant and I talked about what we always talk about: boys! Specifically, ours. Well, mostly his. I hope everything works itself out, and if not, then at least he'll be removing himself from the situation for a while.
Woke up this morning REALLY wishing Tim was there, if you know what I mean. *grin* Was planning on texting him later today, but he beat me to it...and it seems was having the same idea I was. 0=) Too late to do anything about it then, but we sexted back and forth practically the whole day. I had Spectro after parade, but I was out about 8:30. He had a poker game he was going to about 7, but he said he'd be done by about 10ish, and he REALLY wanted to see me. Good, because I REALLY wanted to see him too. Spectro was FREEZING!! I was wearing like seven layers of clothing and I STILL couldn't feel my toes or fingers. It took like an hour for my feet to warm back up. Oh, well, no frostbite at least.
Texting Tim; he's on his way home. Poker didn't go as well as he had hoped, so I offered to cheer him up. *smirk* Gonna finish up here, grab some stuff and head over. Wonder what movie we'll watch this time? Or if we'll actually watch it at all? *laughs*

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