Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear


Days off doing nothing are way more fun when you're not sick. Yeah, finally came to that conclusion. Spent the night with Tim; we didn't go to sleep until 5:00am, watching Return of the King...and other things. *grin* Passed out pretty hard though; was totally out of it until work called at around 1:30. They wanted me to come in for Pixie Hollow, but I said Nay Nay Fluffy, my voice is a no-go. Wasn't feeling so great, but snuggling with Tim made it a little better. He was playing video games for a little bit before he had to go to work, and I was laying down next to him watching--at least, until I fell asleep so hard I didn't even notice when he got up. Unusual for me to say the least. Decided then and there that I was staying in that night. He had to go to work, so I came home, took a shower, ordered pizza and vegged out in front of the TV, watching Inuyasha, The Longest Yard, and POTC: Dead Man's Chest. Had to stop in the middle of Pirates though; too tired and my head hurts. Day at the Castle tomorrow, and Tim will be there too. Wish he was here now; he can't cure me, but he does make me feel better. Nighty night.

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