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I just have to keep reminding myself: "Only two more weeks of summer school. Only TWO weeks left." Otherwise, I would simply go insane and leap into traffic. That would hurt, and I would still have homework. Which, I did finish today, which is good, since it was due. Only three sections left, thank the Powers That Be. Going to have to get a ribbon or something to put my ring on; it's just big enough on my thumb that I'm afraid I'm going to accidentally fling it somewhere and never find it again, and that would make me very upset. Went over to the Manor (that's what I'm going to start calling Mike and Kris and Brooke and Kate's house since it's a lot easier than what I just said, er, typed.) Mike was supposed to go to lunch with his sister, but that fell through, so we watched Bad Boys II. Well, I watched it, he kind of fell asleep on my lap. The movie was really pretty good. Lots of people getting shot and blowing up. Fun stuff. Mike was just simply adorable. He was all curled around my legs like a puppy. After the movie we went to Vintage Stock, ate dinner at Pizza Street (I think. It's the buffet one.) and walked around the Plaza. Mike made a wish at Pomona; don't know what it was, since you're not supposed to tell, but I have a pretty good idea. It was a lot of fun. We talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other's company. Poor Mandy. Girl never had a chance.

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