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Rain, rain, here to can come back any day!!

Days at the Castle are always easy: 6 shows, 10 minutes per show, and I don't have to say a word. Days at the Castle when it's raining are even easier: NO shows, and I got downed for the meet and greet because I still can't talk (thank you Amy!). So, basically, I did NOTHING today and got paid for it. The only thing I DID do was a 10 minute meet and greet for one family, and since it was all the Royal Couples as well, I was very sneaky and didn't have to say a word. (Not that I can't, totally, but I'm trying to save my voice as much as possible.) And even THAT was optional! I just got paid for an 8 hour day for doing 10 minutes of optional work. TOTALLY getting laid!! (Sorry, inside joke!) Awesome!! Got to hang out with Tim all day too; he played his video games and I did my puzzles. It's a little hard to carry on a lengthy conversation when I'm not speaking. All in all a very good day, except for one thing: I WAS FREEZING!!!!! Inadequate costuming does not a happy Carlye make!! But that's okay.
Tim picked up a DCE special after Castle Show, so he's doing that. I came home and finished POTC: Dead Man's Chest and watched At World's End too. Thought about watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, but I'm kinda tired and still sick, so I think I might head to bed soon. Show again tomorrow...though we'll probably have to actually do something this time.

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