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Today was a wonderful day!! Teacups and day parade today, and it was FREEZING COLD!! I couldn't really feel my fingers most of the day, but I refuse to wear those hideous fleshtone gloves; they look awful on set. Told everyone that today was the Queen's favorite day, because everyone wore red and hearts. Rode the Teacups with a little girl named Emma who had eaten breakfast with the Princesses that morning and had gotten syrup all over her pants. She didn't care so much about Alice, but she was REALLY excited about the dormouse popping in and out of his teapot in the middle of the ride. And she kept saying, "We're spinning!!" as we went around and around.
Also met a little boy named Nicholas. His mother mentioned that he had a rabbit at home too, and Alice asked if his rabbit wore a waistcoat and trousers. Nicholas said, "Naawwwoooo!!" in that looong drawn out way; obviously, what a silly question, Alice! So she kept asking him silly questions, like whether he'd ever fallen down a rabbit hole, or shrunk to 3 inches or played croquet with hedgehogs and flamingos. Each time he replied in the same manner, because Wonderland is so silly! (Really, you begin to think Alice must have hit her head on every tree branch on the way to her nap.)
Day parade was fun, but fairly uneventful. Worked with James again; he's not really that exciting. Really, I'm still more worried about forgetting my lines than anything else.
So, I mentioned that Tim had come up with some mysterious plan for tonight. I found him after day parade and asked him what the deal was for tonight. He said be ready by 6:20, he'll come pick me up at my house. .....waitwhat?? You'll come pick me UP?? At MY HOUSE?? That's unusual, to say the I'm wildly curious. Came home, took a shower, put on my new ivory sweater and red tank top (I wanted to look nice, but not really fancy.) He showed up (slightly later than stated) with a box of chocolates and a card. It made me laugh, because not 2 minutes earlier I had said to Sheilah that I hoped he didn't buy me flowers; they're nice, but they die and make a mess. Chocolates, though, are good. And they were turtles, which unbeknownst to him, are one of my favorites. Lucky guess. =) All afire, I asked him where we were going, and he said that he thought we could go to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. Now, let me explain. Mimi's was one of my favorite restaurants in KC, and when one opened up right across the street from me I was thrilled. I introduced Tim to it and it sort of became "our place to go." However, that was where we went the night we "broke up" last year...and I don't think that I've been back since. It reminded me too much of him and the happy times we'd had and I didn't like to be reminded of the not-so-happy time we were there last. So for him to pick this place (and he told Chesney it was because it was Our Place) really meant a lot to me, and it fixed that old, bad memory. He said that he had wanted to take me to this restaurant at the Vacation Club but he couldn't get a reservation and he wanted to make sure we had lots of time for dinner. (Did you hear that?? He tried to get RESERVATIONS!! Forethought, who would have guessed!!) I didn't care; to me, Mimi's was perfect. It was more special than some expensive restaurant I've never been to. We finished up with dinner and then he suggested we go back to my place, but he had to remember to get some stuff from his house in the morning...waitwhatagain!?!? You want to go back to MY PLACE??? And STAY THE NIGHT????? Who are you and what have you done with my Tim?!?! But it made sense; it was right down the street and I had to get up REALLY early in the morning. Sooo...he's here now--spending the night for the first time since last March when I got rear-ended. (Yes, I know he was here in November, but that doesn't count because he didn't spend the night, he came over because I was upset. At him. At 5:00 in the morning.) So needless to say....I AM SO HAPPY. It wouldn't have mattered what we did today. We could have played video games and ordered pizza like we always do. But the fact that he took the time and effort to think about doing something special for me, to do something that was meaningful to me, THAT is the best Valentine I could possibly have gotten. And on top of that, he brought me chocolate. *smile* THIS is why I fell in love with him. And no matter how tough it gets, no matter how frustrated and upset and irritated I get, THIS is why I know, underneath it all, he's worth it.

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