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Have I mentioned how much I hate glitter??

Well, my 16-hour Spare day turned into my 16-hour Fairy day. It really irritates me when people just can't seem to come to work. I mean, I knew Cara was probably calling in, because she had tried to switch me days but she doesn't know Castle Show, so I was prepared for that. However, Michelle calling in I had not accounted for. So instead of doing two 27 minute parades, I did 3 hour long sets in Pixie Hollow. Here's what pisses me off about that: Michelle is seasonal, therefore she had to give her availability every week. So if you're not available, DON'T TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE AND THEN CALL IN. It pisses off the rest of us who have to cover your ass. I was definitely not mentally prepared for this day, and now my voice seriously hates me. Even the guests were boring; I mean, sure there were a few cute kids, but nothing to write home about. What a long boring day. And there's a good probability that I'll be getting a phone call tomorrow to come in too. No likey. Wish that Tim was here to keep me warm. He played poker all day, and he's probably asleep by now. *sad face* Wish he was here sleeping instead. *sigh* Time for exhausted little old me to go to bed too.

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