Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

Flip Side

Day off. Got called at 10:30 to come in for UK at Epcot, but I said no; I don't think 5 40 minute sets outdoors in a British accent would be very helpful for my voice. Decided I was fed up with our disgusting bathroom and set about cleaning it. Now, you must understand, when I say clean the bathroom, I mean clear everything off the counters and pull out the little cabinet and disinfect and wipe down EVERYTHING. I even bleached the shower curtain and washed the floor mats. Missed a call around 2 asking me to come in for Pixie Hollow; thought about it, because I COULD use the money, but a) I wasn't done cleaning the bathroom; b) I had a lot of other things to do, like run errands and do laundry; and c) I was hoping to hang out with Tim tonight. Not to mention the whole voice thing still. So no 7th day for me.
Well, A and B got done, but C was a total bust. In fact, I haven't heard from him since 11:30 this morning; he just sort of stopped texting me back. I sent him 5 texts with no response; finally I just gave up. I'm really kind of hurt by it; I mean, if you don't want to hang out because you have something else you'd rather do, okay, but don't just ignore me. That's just mean. I hope he can get up by himself tomorrow morning, because I'm mad enough that I'm not gonna remind him. You know, I really thought we were making progress after the whole Valentine's Day thing. He spent time and effort thinking about me, and I really thought this could have been a turning point in our relationship. Turns out he's still just as immature as ever. Wonder what his excuse is this time. It's days like this that I wonder if he really feels the way about me that I feel about him. Sometimes I think it would be easier just to be alone.
Cleaned, ran errands, did laundry, watched Inuyasha. Might play some Final Fantasy, but I'll probably just go to bed. Castle Show tomorrow.

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