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Remember the things we have...

Went to Tim's last night. *grin* He had said he was crashing, but I still really wanted to see him, so I went over anyway, with every intention of just going to sleep when I got there. He, on the other hand, had different plans. I don't know about you, but I'm going to take it as not only a good sign, but the highest compliment when I guy can't help but get turned on by your mere presence. So...went to sleep a little later than anticipated. Unexpectedly started my period too (whoops!) but, hey, better awkward like that than awkward other ways, right? You know, I don't need the sex; don't get me wrong, it's a DEFINITE bonus, but I went over there because I wanted to be close to him. Isn't that what you do when you're in love? Just to be close to that person is enough. The rest is just icing on the cake. Though I'm thoroughly convinced that it is impossible for us to be alone together and not get naked. *grin*
Castle Show again today. I like Saturdays, the people that are there are just a lot of fun. Mostly. Especially Chesney, I love working with her. We decided that she, her husband, Adam, Erin, Tim and I all need to go out dancing together. It was actually Tim's idea to do a couple's date--shocking I know! I think it would be AWESOME; now just to find a good night for everyone.
Today went really fast and really slow all at the same time. Really slow because I didn't get much sleep last night (my fault, I know) and really fast because we had three meet and greets. The first was after the first show; a little girl and boy whose brother had recently died from a terminal illness, and now the remaining brother had been diagnosed with the same disease. The little girl, Rachel, liked us a lot, but she was kind of shy. Jacob, however, was more than a little overwhelmed and he got scared. (There were a lot of us: three Royal Couples, Peter, Wendy, and all four VIPS.) Sad and sweet, but not really exceptional.
The second meet and greet was for an old Cast Member who had been a friend of Minnie's and had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She brought her little girl, Sophie to come meet us. This time it was just the girls plus the VIPs. Sophie was adorable; she was dressed in a Tinkerbell dress with her hair up in a big purple rose and was toting a Minnie doll dressed in a Tinkerbell outfit. She showed us how to fly, and she gave running and leaping hugs!! I almost didn't want to leave, but I was tired, and I wanted to get downstairs; Tim was there, and he'd brought his DS charger with him. (Mine had died at work and I was bored.) Third meet and greet was for Maleficent's friend Nik's cousins. Their mother, Nik's aunt, had just passed away from cancer. (Are you sensing a theme here? Sad day.) Shayla and Johnny were older, but they were really excited to see all of us. Even Maleficent and Captain Hook showed up!! Now that's rare. We took several pictures with them, and they were thrilled. Captain Hook even behaved.
Wish I could have hung out with Tim tonight, but he picked up DTD Activator after day parade. It's this thing at Downtown Disney that basically a dance party and cast members go out and try to get people involved. It's really silly and they wear these obnoxious costumes, and he said he would kill me if I came to watch. Think I might do it anyway on Wednesday when he's scheduled next. *evil grin* Came home and talked to my parents for like an hour and a half. Talked to my dad mostly about computer stuff; I kinda want to get a new one, but I don't know what kind. Mine keeps glitching and going really slow. Talked to my mom mostly about Tim and Luke. She's concerned that I'm setting myself up for failure, trying to breath life into a dead relationship or something along those lines. I told her, you're not saying anything I haven't heard before, but it doesn't matter: I'm in love with Tim, and for right now, even though things aren't perfect and he still frustrates me, that's where I want to be, because I know he's worth it. She asked about Luke mostly because she's never met him. (She met Tim 2 years ago when my parents and grandpa came down.) I think she would like him a lot, he really is a good guy. Just hanging out now. Probably bed soon, Spare Pixie in the morning.

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