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Spare days wear me out. I think they're actually more stressful than a normally scheduled day, because until you get pulled there is that pall of uncertainty hanging over your head. "Where will they send me? How long will I have to get ready? Which character will I be with? Will I like the location? Will they ask me to extend? Will they pull me at all??" It makes me tense. I'm the kind of person who hates to be rushed, so I always get to work early so I have plenty of time to pull my costume, put on my makeup and have a little time to relax before I have to get down to business. The unexpectedness of Spare shifts and the need to rely on other people to come to work on time makes me twitchy. Bleh.
Got pulled to hang out with Wendy and Peter today; didn't mind it too much. I had plenty of time to get ready and I got to hang out with Tommy too! I think we've only gotten to do sets together once before, and he's fun. Lots of cute kids today; no one really stuck out, but we did have some great snugglers. You know, the ones that hug you by climbing in your lap, wrapping their arms around your neck and squeezing as hard as they can! I love little kids that hug tight.
Came home just after Micah, and we both got sucked into the movie "Ice Princess" with Michelle Tractenburg. I know--cheesy Disney movie for kids, but we couldn't help ourselves. Watched a little House after that and some Cold Case, but I should really start getting ready for bed.
Tim's irritating me a little too. I didn't really get to see him today because of the way our shifts worked out, and I haven't really talked to him either, only texted him a few times tonight. Well, clarification: he's only responded to me a few times. I know he was going out, but I don't know where or with whom. It's not that I feel I have to keep tabs on him and control what he does; I just like knowing where he is so I know he's safe. It's fine if you want to go out without me but a) just because I ask doesn't mean I want to come along; and b) there's no reason to be secretive with me. You know I got your back. And I don't want to be texting him all night when I know he's out, then I'm just the annoying not-girlfriend. (I don't know what you would call it, you know what I mean.) I DO wish that he spent more time with me. I mean, I need my "me" time too, but when I have the option of just hanging out with friends or hanging out with him, he's going to win almost every time, hands down. *sigh* The whole running from his feelings thing is going to take a lot of patience. Lucky for him, I seem to have that in abundance. Just remember Carlye: you love him, even when you want to hit him. Tough love, right? *laughs*
Bedtime. And Castle Show with Earl tomorrow!!

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