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I'll have my cake and eat it too.

Interesting day. I can tell I'm still not recovered fully from whatever I had last week or so when I completely conk out at work for an hour or so. At the Castle with Doug today. Forgot he wasn't John for a second and we almost knocked each other over one show. Kinda funny. Nothing really eventful; good lunch with Tim, Earl and Josh Eslinger. (Think we kinda weirded out Josh though, if you don't know the three of us we can be kind of overwhelming.) Had fun today, but nothing spectacular. One of our managers, Glenn, is transferring to the Studios, so we took a cast picture with him today so he can hang it in his office. Last show got downed because of rain, so we went out for about seven minutes to do a meet and greet till it started raining harder. By the time we could clock out it was pouring buckets--and of course I left my umbrella at home. Dummy. Came home, took a nap for a little bit, then headed out. My friend Rachel Stewart is getting married next week, so we had a bachelorette party for her. I was going to go to her wedding, but they wouldn't give me the time off. Tonight we were supposed to go to a place called the Dessert Lady, which is like a restaurant but they only serve desserts, then out to a club called Antigua. Well...I went to the wrong Dessert Lady, first of all, and secondly, the one I was SUPPOSED to be at was closed today! So we ended up going to Bahama Breeze instead. It was gooooodd....I got this drink called White Satin; it had Coconut Rum, Cointreau, coconut milk, and ginger in it. It was SOOOO good. Stayed for a while just talking to all the girls, but I'm exhausted. Kinda glad we didn't go out dancing tonight; I'm already going to regret it in the morning. Long day, but fun too. Sorry, not really coherent or witty tonight, just too tired. Spare Pixie tomorrow; naaaaahhhhttt wanna be a spare. Bleh. Night.

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