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Castle Show today!! The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!! Absolutely perfect, sunny skies, and not a drop of sweat or an untoward chill. Until one gets back into the Tunnels, of course. Then it's both hot AND cold. Ridiculous. Played Scrabble with Tim again today. I really need to practice more; I kicked the computer's ass, but he still beat me. Gonna have to read up on some of these tricks. Crashed during our long break though; Tim actually called me last night after his rehearsal, and we talked until like 1:30, so went to bed late. Though you'd think I wouldn't be all that tired since I slept practically all day yesterday. Very good day today. Even the Steves were mostly behaving themselves, wonder of wonders. John did ask me about Tim, but he did it as a genuine question. John and I tend to talk a lot about relationships, surprisingly. I mean, we're good friends, but we don't really hang out outside of work. I would think that he would have someone closer to him to talk to, but maybe we really ARE that close; we just don't have to hang out all that much to prove it. Hmmmm....I like that idea. After all, he IS my pretend boyfriend. (Inside joke, sorry.) John said that he was going to talk to Tim about us. I didn't ask him to, he said he wants to know for himself. And he wants to tell Tim that he's a fool if he lets me get away. (Which he IS, but we already knew that.)
Was invited to go play poker tonight, but opted out. Tim wasn't going to go, and I absolutely SUCK at poker and I didn't want to go by myself, plus I was feeling kinda crappy. Woke up with an upset tummy, and then we had a pizza party at work for getting 30 days accident free. KNEW I shouldn't have eaten it, but I love pizza, and hey, it was free! Totally regretted that decision like 5 hours later. Reluctantly have come to the conclusion that my lactose-intolerance may be severe enough to have to swear off most milk products. Even taking 2 Lactaids didn't help. Bummer.
Didn't feel like partying either, so decided to make it a movie night. Picked up some stuff at Bath and Body Works, then stopped by Best Buy. Luke has been bugging me to watch Iron Man, so I got it. As well as the Narnia movies and the Rocketeer. Actually, Luke texted me earlier, said he was thinking about me. I took it in the worst connotation possible and asked if he's cleaned up afterwards. *smirk* He virtually shook his head at me...and then he said that one day he was going to have to find out if I was as good as he thought I would be. *sigh* I know he said he was still going to flirt, but I don't know if I can keep deflecting that kind of tension. Especially since, I'll admit, part of me is curious. But NOTHING is going to happen while I'm with Tim, and curiosity can't compare to my feelings for him. *shakes head* Boys... Speaking of which, Holt texted me again this morning, apologizing for the texts last night. Maybe he was drunk or something, I don't know, and frankly I don't care. You insult my man--especially when you don't even know him--and you've just blown any chance of us hanging out. Sorry, buddy, you lost out. Jerk.
Getting tired, so I think I'm gonna go wash my face and put on some warm pajamas. (It's FREEZING in my house!) I'll put in The Rocketeer before I pass out. Castle Show again tomorrow!

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