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You're wonderful!! Stop it.

In Pixie Hollow today, Group 1. I'm so glad I'm not there every day now, like I used to be. I think I would lose my mind, especially since right now all the days are at least 10 hours long because of the early park close. Early hours means no groups 3 and 4 means long days for groups 1 and 2. Bleh. I'm not saying I hate it, because I don't. However, I DO hate being talked to again about numbers. Yes, I KNOW that we're supposed to see 150 people in an hour. And even though I may be going slower than I should, I am NOT the only person in the room. *sigh* I hate the business side of my job. It gets in the way of the magic.
Overall though it was a pretty good day. Nothing particularly interesting--oh, except for the one little boy that molested me. And I do mean MOLESTED. I mean, he was 3 so obviously he had no idea, but he seriously GRABBED my crotch. Wonderful. Embarrassing to be sure, but funny too. I kinda cracked up a little bit, because what else can you do? Oh, well. Need to rememeber that I'm not allowed to make as much magic in Pixie Hollow. Or at least, do it faster. Trick is, going fast without getting frustrated. Sometimes guests really piss me off. Like the one family that had six books....and then brought back not one but TWO others that they'd forgotten about. At different times. WHY is it necessary that every grubby kid has to have their OWN autograph book? You're going to go home and throw them in a drawer and forget all about them, so not only have you wasted my time and your money, you've killed a tree too. Congratulations. *sigh*
Came home, was going to play my video game, but it's too much effort to move the TV at the moment. (I moved it closer to my bed the night Tim came over.) Maybe do it tomorrow; think I'll just watch Narnia TLTWATW. Probably pass out during that too.

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