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To obtain, something of equal value must be lost...

Not really an interesting day. At the Castle today and the first show was just really off. Don't know what it was, I just didn't really feel like I was there, like everything was surreal and out of sync. Bizarre. Rest of the shows were fine though. Nothing special about shows, weather was really nice if a bit sunny for us, and I worked on my Scrabble skills. Tim helped but he was practicing his solitare since he forgot his DS. Walked out together and since I parked closer told him I would give him a ride to his car. Apparently sitting next to me today was enough to get him all riled up; proceeded to have a fantastic makeout session in my front seat. *grin* He wanted to move it to the back but I said no; sitting in the middle of the parking lot at work during the early evening is a bit different than 4:00am. 0=) Would have taken him home right there, but he had a poker game he had to get to, much to both our disappointments. It's okay; he's winning money for me so he can buy me pretty things. *laughs* Almost wish he hadn't started something though, because it's been at least 5 hours and I'm STILL riled up. The things that boy does to me...
Watched my last two Inuyasha DVDs tonight; I know the series isn't over, but still, they didn't end it very well. Sort of just stopped in the middle if you know what I mean. Hopefully they'll come out with some new episodes soon. Started back up on Full Metal Alchemist again too. Tim keeps telling me that I should get Brotherhood, which is apparently the grownup version of FMA--more detail and more explanation. I'll have to put it in my queue.
Wow, not really an interesting day. At Show again tomorrow with Tim AND Chesney!! We are gonna tear it up!! Bring on the hata blockas!! Time for bed y'all. Night!

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