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Oh, good spirits. No, really.

Okay, anybody check out the comments on Mike's (thedarkbear ) latest posting? Freaky weird. Go look and you'll see what I mean. Bizarre. Anyway. My day was standardly dull. Woke up around noonish (late to bed, not really that lazy) and went to work at two. Had to close by myself tonight, which sucked, but I managed to leave on time. Came home and didn't really do much, although I did have a talk with my dad about several things. Firstly, I AM going back on my medication--Effexor XR to be precise. Don't ask me what that means, I don't know. Secondly, talked a lot about my choice of religion. What it means to me, why I chose to take that path, what I believe. I don't know if he really understands why I'm going the way I'm going, but I hope that he at least feels better about it now. Thirdly, talked about Mike. A LOT about Mike. Specifically, why Dad doesn't like him. You know, it's really hard trying to explain one person you care about to another person you care about, especially without going into some of the finer points that would just confuse and/or freak him out. I tried to get my dad to see Mike the way I see Mike, but it wasn't quite working. Although, apparently, my mother is going to be harder to convince than my father that Mike is not "not good enough for me." Dad says he's okay with Mike as "best friend," just not as "boyfriend". I tried to get Dad to actually sit down with Mike and talk to him (you know, for longer than 15 minutes), but I think he needs a little more coercing before we get that far. I'll probably have to talk to my mom too. Grrr. Just want this whole situation resolved. It was bad enough trying to get my dad to understand past lives. Getting him to believe I was married to Mike in one of them is out of the question. I just have to keep believing that somehow this will all work itself out. It has to. Otherwise, I'm going to have a very uncomfortable life.

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