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Have you believed in your 6 impossible things today???

Today was better. Tim called me back last night, after I'd sent him a couple texts asking him to come over. I just wanted somebody there. But it's okay; he'd passed out and he had to get up in like 3 hours, and by that point I was just exhausted. But he called and he cared, and that's the important part.
Spare Pixie today. Besides the uncertainty and rushing that goes along with spare shifts, there is one other part that I hate: the fact that I NEVER get to sit around. There are lots of character spare shifts every day, and almost every single one of them, on a given day, will have an opportunity to sit around. There are Princess spares who have sat around for 10 hours and not been pulled. Me? The second my two girls show up I'm pulled to wear a nightgown. Or an apron. However, today was a little different. Oh, never fear, I still got pulled. But this time I was white and fuzzy, and instead of wearing an apron, I got to wear a tabard and a pocketwatch. Only had to do three sets too! Well, it should have been four, but I had a costume malfunction that couldn't get fixed in time. Oh well!! Little warm, but not too terrible, although the vision is extremely poor and the feet are enormous.
Went and saw Alice in Wonderland today with Tim--and his parents. Yup, that's right. The Parents. Second day in a row too!! Good thing his mother LOVES me. Loved the movie too, although (and this may just be me) I saw a little too much Jack Sparrow in the Mad Hatter than I would prefer. And of course I laughed at all the inappropriate parts. Like I do. The White Queen kinda cracked me up. She was magnificent.
Talked to Tim's parents for a little bit after the movie, then they left to drive back to Titusville. Tim offered to drive me to my car since we all parked in separate areas...and we got a little sidetracked. *grin* And that's all I'll say about that! 0=)
Home now, and time for bed. Still not really myself, and I have to get up early. Teacups/day parade tomorrow, and yes, I'll be complaining about getting up early. Night all!

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