Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

If allergies could kill a person...

...I'd be dead. Woke up this morning at 5:15 with my throat in agony and my ears itchy deep inside. A most unpleasant situation. Had to get up and take a Sudafed to try and go back to sleep. Got up at 7--after 6ish hours of sleep--with a stuffy nose and multiple sneezes. Oh, joy. Castle Show today with Doug and Earl. Haven't worked with Earl in a long time, and it was good to see him today. Something humorous--all three Princess friends were named Katie. I kid you not. It was hysterical. Nothing really special about shows; Doug spins me really well, though. He's actually better at it than John. Doug actually gives me some momentum and stability, whereas John just sort of holds up his arm and expects me to do all the work. And then he wonders why I get off balance when he doesn't give me any room. *shrug* Nice and warm today; I actually sweated a little more than I expected. Not anxious for summer to get here though. We're hoping to see a bid list before long; learned about some new offerings for the summer casting today, including Ariel and Eric together!! I got really excited and texted Tim. He was thrilled. And Wendy's coming back too!
Was supposed to be a Spare for Spectro, and Jim at the base was trying to be really nice and NOT pull me (since he knew I'd been working ridiculous hours the past few days AND I extended for them) but he ended up having to pull me anyway. Appropriate though, me hanging with Sneezy. Especially when Sneezy and I sneezed together down parade route. Saw Adam and his sister out there; Sneezy wiped his snot on Adam's shirt. *evil chuckle* Kinda smacked around Tim too, except for one time when I hit the buckle on his bag, and that did not feel nice at all. Told him why I was mad at him yesterday when he didn't wait for me. I know it's dumb, but I was exhausted and I just wanted some attention and then he didn't even give me a hug goodbye. Justifiably mad, in my opinion. But I told him to wait for me this time (though later I also said that I shouldn't HAVE to remind him, and he said I wouldn't) and we walked out together. Won't see him at work tomorrow, since I'm at MK and he's at Fant!. Hopefully I'll see him after we get off work. Texted him when I got home and apologized for getting mad yesterday; I just want to spend all the time I can with him and when he left it just seemed like he didn't feel the same way. He said that's not the case, he was just feeling antisocial, but I told him--we don't have to talk, I just like being with him regardless. I don't think he really understands how much I care about him. I ALWAYS put him first, always think, "How can I spend time with Tim today?" I wonder if he ever thinks like that about me. Sometimes it seems like he goes out of his way to see me, and then other times (like yesterday) it seems like he just forgets. *sigh* Still in the training process with him, I guess. Patience, dear, patience.
But now it's time for bed, especially since I have to get up an hour earlier so my roommate can get in the bathroom when she wants to. *sigh* Oh, what it would be like to have my OWN bathroom...but moving out is just too expensive right now. Oh, well. Night!!

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