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These be the three things I signed away when agreeing to work for Disney. And Oh, how they sometimes viciously remind us.
Last 14-hour day today. Started off at the Castle with Nick. do I sum up? Oh, yes--AWKWARD. Don't get me wrong; I like Nick, he's a sweetheart, but you can surely tell he's not at the castle very often. Jumped his lines, jumped his cues, was so hyped up on adrenaline that he nearly knocked me over a couple of times. He did get a little better as the day went on, but the whole time he was rushing, rushing, rushing. You know people, they set the entire show to music for a very good reason. Just relax! Poor boy. He has no idea what he's doing. Oh, yeah, and he still stole my shctick. Annoyance. *sigh*
Drama about the breakroom today. Castle Show is getting a new area, but it isn't quite put together yet, so we're still in our old space. One of the girls at Show today went downstairs in the breakroom and was snatched out by another performer. Bad enough in itself, but the particular girl being snatched at is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, and that someone would snark at her like that was just uncalled for. Well, that was an event that should have been over and done with--the managers got involved and talked to both sides and clarified the situation about the breakroom--but even hours later people who weren't even involved were gossiping about it. I don't think Disney would survive without drama.
Was supposed to be double Spectro again tonight, but, wonder of wonders, guess who got pulled to ToonTown to wear a little green dress?? Big surprise, right? They do it on purpose you know. There's no Spare Pixie in the evenings, so they schedule me a Spare for Spectro so they have someone to pull. Don't think I haven't figured it out Scheduling!! Not terrible though; two 45 minute sets and one 30 minute, since Cara did my first one. With Matt tonight and he was actually behaving himself. Our other fairy, though, Jasmine, was hella boring. Boring on set, and didn't talk to anyone offset either. But it's okay, because we watched The Princess and the Frog and it was good! Oh! And I met Tim's little buddy Tyson! See, Tim did Hoedown yesterday, and as he was leaving saw a little boy waiting to see Woody and Jessie. Since the little boy looked so sad, Tim stopped and talked to him and his family for a good 5 minutes waiting for Woody and Jessie to come back. The little boy's name was Tyson and he was about three years old. And according to Tim, ADORABLE!! So he tells us this last night at Spectro and all of us there have a good laugh about it. I'm on set today, and who comes in with his mom and sister but little Tyson!! (I asked their names, that's how I knew.) I asked Tyson if he was the little boy that I had heard about that liked Woody and Jessie so much and his mom was absolutely floored. I told her that one of my Mainlander friends had told me all about him and his sister. I talked about Woody and Jessie a little bit, but Tyson was being shy, so I said I was going to have to tell my Mainlander friend that he wasn't talking to me. He braved up enough to take a picture though. And Tim was right; even being shy, he was adorable. Some other cute kids tonight, like Jameson, who was a Lost Boy dressed like a pirate so he could sneak onto Captain Hook's ship and play tricks on him, and his plethora of siblings; and Jaycee, the hyperactive seven year old who was being silly, but I got him to make Bobble glasses with me. Not sure how our numbers were, and frankly I don't care. I'm sick of them ruining the magic for the sake of business. People want an experience, not an animatronic. Suck it Corporate.
Home now, and waiting for Tim to call me. He was going to come over tonight, but he has to take care of some stuff for his bank tomorrow morning, and since it's all the way over in Titusville, he drove there tonight so he can make it for day parade tomorrow. I miss him. It seems like I've hardly talked to him in the last few days, and even when I was with him we didn't spend a lot of time together. Maybe I'm just a stupid girl, but I want to spend every second I can with him, and I go into withdrawl if I don't see him. ....yeah, kinda stupid. Oh, well, I'm tired, don't judge. And my allergies are hella bad today too. Time for another decongestant, washing my face, and going to bed. And guess what!? Tomorrow, I get to sleep in for the first time in TWO WEEKS!!! I'm so excited. Night!!

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