Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

Black is the color of my true love's hair...

Yup. It St. Patrick's Day again. International Drinking Day. Tinker Appreciation Day. Etc. and so on. And I have yet to imbibe a single alcoholic drink. Go me.
Slept in today for the first time in TWO WEEKS. Woke up around 8:30 to pee, then went back to bed and refused to get up until noon. Got started on my laundry then, and managed to do that and clean up my room a little by 3. Took a shower and headed out to Target for some foody stuffs and Lowe's to get a toilet flapper to stop it from running constantly. Day was going great until Chesney texted me around 5 to tell me I was probably getting pulled to Toontown tonight from Spectro. ...are you effing SERIOUS!?!? WHY can't people show up for work? How hard is it to come in when you're scheduled?? Well, she hadn't heard or seen anything officially, so I finished my errands and got to work around 6:20ish. Had checked my Workbrain at home and checked my schedule when I got there--still Spectro. Well, okay. Got my makeup and started painting my face. Clock in at 7, wait to check in, and when I finally get to the window to let them know I'm here, they say, "Oh, yeah, we forgot--I think we're gonna need to pull you to Toontown." .....WHAT. Most displeased. Lucky for me I didn't have to start my makeup all over, just adjust it slightly, because now I have less than an hour to finish my hair and makeup, pull a costume, change and get up to Toontown. Thank you SO much. Needless to say I was a little pissed off, because I would have had a great group for Spectro and because of the sheer dis-courteousness of the situation. If you knew you needed to pull me, you could have called me two hours earlier when the shift started. This is the second day in a row I've been pulled out of Spectro, and tonight they waited so last minute that there wasn't anyone to hang out with Alice. Great job guys. Way to go. *sigh* It's not that I hate Toontown, I don't; it's the fact that they're deliberately scheduling my multiple nights at Spectro JUST so they can pull me to Toontown. That's really shady to say the least, and it's not fair to me. If you need an evening Spare Pixie, then create a shift. Cinderella has evening friends; so does Ariel. If Tink needs one that badly, FIX IT.
Other than that little fiasco, the night went pretty well. Only two hour-long sets, and most of the kids were pretty cute. And almost all of them spoke English. Even the teenagers were funny; it's always good when you get the older kids who are still excited to be there, or even the ones you can shame into being excited. *grin* I told everyone it was Tinker Appreciation Day and that's why everyone was wearing green; and if you don't wear green, you get TICKLED!! Mwahhahaha!!!! So pretty easy night. I talked to Carmen afterward and explained why I was upset about it. I think she agreed with me for the most part, though I don't know if that will affect anything in the future. She even gave me a Great Service Card. Must remember to turn that in. Had an hour to deprep, since Toontown was out earlier than Spectro, and met up with Tim when he got back in. Wanted to hang out with him tonight, since I haven't really gotten to see him lately and it's (sorta) our anniversary (though I don't know if it should really count since we're not "official") but he'd promised Stev that he'd go drink with him, so off he went. It's okay though. We made plans for dinner after work on Friday, and will probably do something on Saturday too. I still miss him though. If it was up to me, I would spend the night with him every other night, at least. It's nice to have someone hold you when you fall asleep, and he fits me so well. And he doesn't mind when I get twitchy. My favorite, though, is when he falls asleep with his head on my shoulder and his arm around my waist. It makes me feel so protective, and so loved. And it's extremely comfortable.
Think I'll go wash my face and pop in a little Full Metal Alchemist to fall asleep to. GREEN!!!!

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